Bivin's Excavating, Inc.
*Developed 3 manufactured home sites and placed 3 manufactured homes on the site at 502 E. 40th St. in 1998-1999 for rentals, which I still own.

*Developed land and built 5 town homes 3/4 of an acre on Allumbaugh St. in 2000-201 for rentals, which I still own.

*Developed 9 lots and placed 9 manufactured homes on foundations on E. Adams Ct. in 2002-2003.  These homes were placed for sale.

*Built 513 E. Adams Ct. using Energy Star standards in February 2004, which I still own as a rental.

*Completed development and recorded a 7 lot subdivision at 39th and Adams in Jun of 2007.  These lots were placed for sale.

*Developed land and built 4 condominiums at 3507 N. Maple Grove Rd. in 2008-2009 for rentals, which I still own.
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